Russell Crowe’s Split From Wife Danielle Spencer Could Spell Trouble for His Career (VIDEO)

danielle spencer russell croweRussell Crowe has always come off as such a Hollywood bad boy that you might never guess he's actually had a "normal"-seeming relationship with musician Danielle Spencer. The two have been married for the last nine years and first started dating 22 years ago! Sadly, their relationship's one thing it looks like Crowe no longer has going for him. Yesterday, The Sydney Morning Herald reported that Crowe and Spencer have separated. Yup -- another Hollywood marriage bites the dust, supposedly due to Crowe's crazed work schedule. He's currently filming the epic film Noah (about Noah's Ark) in Iceland, where -- if you recall -- fellow action star Tom Cruise was also on location when Katie Holmes pulled the plug on their union. Hmm ... Maybe there's no cell service there?

All joking aside, this breakup's still a real bummer. And there's no doubt it could have some sad, reverberating effects.


The two have been in one another's lives since they met on the set of the 1990 film The Crossing. They dated for a while, split, Crowe got together with Meg Ryan (remember that?!), and then, he reunited with Spencer. They got married in 2003 at a chapel on Crowe's farm in Australia's South Wales. How peaceful and bucolic, right? Not necessarily what you'd envision for the macho A-lister ...

But then again, it sounds like Spencer was a seriously grounding force in Crowe's life. Not only do they have two kids together, but other people in the biz saw them as a solid partnership (ha, but as we see how much that matters -- look at Rhea Perlman and Danny DeVito!), and what's more, Spencer was believed to have tamed Crowe's temper.

That's HUUUGE, given the reputation the actor has for getting into disturbing altercations like the time when he assaulted a hotel clerk. Granted, he's still lost his temper while married to Spencer, but now that they're over, how much worse might he get? Might it get so bad, in fact, that he could end up putting his career and reputation even more on the line? It's a very likely possibility ... But here's hoping that won't necessarily be the case, especially for the sake of the couple's two young children.

Check out this video for more details on the separation ...


Are you surprised by this split? Do you think it could cause Russell Crowe to lose his temper more readily?


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