Courtney Robertson Returns Her Engagement Ring & We See Right Through Her

Courtney Robertson and Ben FlajnikIf you didn't like Courtney Robertson and her evil laugh on The Bachelor, you may find yourself singing a different tune today. Key word: May. After her recent split with Ben Flajnik, the former model did something pretty decent Sunday and returned her roughly $80,000 ring back to the Neil Lane jewelry boutique in Los Angeles.

I have an eensy feeling separating from Ben was a whole lot easier than giving up this shiner ... especially when she has Bachelorette cast-off Arie Luyendyk Jr. to fall back on. It is three whole carats, after all. Yeah, while giving back the ring was the right thing to do, don't think I don't see through you Courtney. The engagement may be over, but your publicity wanting ways? Yeah, by the way you brought back the ring, I'm gonna go with definitely not.


So Courtney went to the Neil Lane jewelry store with the ring, and left without it. But can we touch upon how she was strolling right through LA with the ring in hand? Because that's normal, right? Walking around carrying a super pricey diamond shiner in its little box during an afternoon stroll. It must have been WAY too big to fit in her HUGE purse, right? Sure, that's gotta be it.

Plain and simple: Courtney wanted the publicity. She wanted cameras to catch the ring's last walk in public (for now). Yeah, she's got notoriety now and people know who she is, but there's no way that this little ring walk wasn't geared at firing up some sort of stir to get her name back in the headlines. I'm on to you, Ms. Robertson.

Personally, I'm just interested to see what now. Will Courtney continue her make-out sessions with Arie? Will we see her with some other former Bachelorette man? Only time will tell. Well that, and the paparazzi cameras.

Do you agree Courtney was trying to get noticed bringing back her engagement ring?


Image via ABC

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