Jennifer Aniston Invites Brad Pitt's Mom to Wedding & Why Stop at One Awkward Guest?

jennifer aniston
Hmm, who else to invite?
Sounds like Jennifer Aniston is hell bent on taking the high road regarding her impending nuptials to Justin Theroux: Word has it the star is inviting former mother-in-law Jane Pitt to her wedding! Apparently Jen & Jane have remained close since Aniston's split with Brad Pitt, which doesn't surprise me for a couple of reasons (Jen is famously estranged from her own mom, Nancy, and it's clear Angelina Jolie is far from famously anti-gay marriage Jane Pitt's idea of the perfect daughter-in-law).

So I guess it makes sense that Jen would want Jane to be there on her big day, but there's still a whole lotta potential for the situation to turn sticky. If you ask me, Jen might as well go full-tilt awkward and add these highly inappropriate celebs to her guest list:


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1. John Mayer Clearly Aniston's ex-beau needs something to do with his time besides break up with Katy Perry and inspire Taylor Swift to write bitter pop songs. Hey, I know -- he could be the wedding singer!

2. Vince Vaughn They say Vaughn never got over his co-star in The Breakup, so watching her marry somebody else should be fun for him.

3. Billy Bob Thornton Because not only is he Angelina Jolie's ex-husband, this guy's gotta be the life of the party.

4. Jon Voight Angelina's dad supposedly sides with Brad's mom on the whole gay marriage thing. Jen should put them at the same table for sure.

5. Shiloh, Vivienne, Knox, Pax, Maddox, and Zahara Jolie-Pitt Come on, nobody needs that many flower girls/ringbearers. Plus, that would be really weird.

Who do you think Jennifer Aniston should add to her wedding guest list?


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