Miley Cyrus' 'Scissor Stalker' Leaves a 'Sweet' Parting Gift

Miley CyrusTurns out Miley Cyrus' hair isn't the only thing in her life that's been through a drastic change. The guy being called the scissor stalker for jumping the fence at Miley's house with a pair of shears in his hand was adament that he wasn't doing anything wrong a month ago. Now suddenly Jason Luis Rivera has agreed to spend 18 months in prison.

Rivera actually opted OUT of a probation sentence that would have allowed him to be a free man. Maybe 18 months without worrying that he's going to sneak up on her was his gift to Liam Hemsworth's fiancee? As gifts from celebrity stalkers go, it's a pretty nice one.


Remember John Hinkley Jr., the guy who shot the president as a "present" for Jodie Foster? Or Dante Soiu, the guy who used to send Gwyneth Paltrow pizza and porn, along with love letters and candy?

I think Miley got the better end of the deal here. Rivera isn't just banned from coming near her (although that stipulation is there too; ordered back when he was initially pleading not guilty to misdemeanor charges of trespassing at her house). She really will have 18 months of being able to breathe easy, knowing he's serving the maximum sentence for violating her privacy.

Love her or hate her, Miley is just a young girl trying to figure out adulthood, love, and all that jazz. She should have the right to feel safe in her own home, not be worried that some guy is going to show up with scissors to cut more of her famous locks ... or worse.

Whatever made Rivera change his mind and opt for the jail sentence, thank goodness he did. He's made this one of those celebrity stalker stories with a relatively happy ending. And Miley gets something pretty sweet out of the deal.

Why do you think Miley's scissor stalker decided to go to jail?

Image via Splash News

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