Octomom vs. Tanning Mom in the Boxing Ring: Who's Your Money On?

octomom boxingBest. News. Ever. Tanning Mom (Patricia Krentcil) has challenged Octomom (Nadya Suleman), to a celebrity boxing match. Obviously the word celebrity is used loosely here. Holy awesomeness! Can you imagine these two ladies in the ring together?

Apparently Tanning Mom has been all braggy ... "I could beat her up," she told HuffPo, holding her fists up like a boxer.

Gawd, don't you just love that image?


Ladies & Gentlemen, let's get ready to rumble ....

In this corner, we have the famous porn star, mother of 14, media whore, Angelina Jolie wannabe .... Octomom

And .... her opponent .... star of The Skin Regime: Boot Camp for Beautiful Skin videos and the tannest mother on earth ... Tanning Mom.

Hear the roar of the crowd ....

The only probelm is, Octomom has been banned from Celebrity Boxing (the kind of thing you'd know if you've been following Celebrity Boxing). Celebrity Boxing CEO Damon Feldman banned Octomom from the ring just last month after she allegedly broke an opponent's hand in a pillow fight in Philadelphia and failed to show up for another fight in Florida. Wait, what?! Who knew Octomom was an experienced boxer?! (I guess it's the kind of thing you'd know if you followed celebrity boxing).

But apparently this is a match even Feldman can't pass up. He said he'd love to see the match and may lift the ban just for this fight! And, get this, he's betting on Octomom to win.

Who do you thing would win a boxing match between Octomom and Tanning Mom?


Image via Splash News


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