Justin Bieber's Twitter 'Blackmail' Stunt Is a Ridiculous Publicity Hoax

For those who have been following every mesmerizing detail in the ongoing drama of Justin Bieber's stolen electronics, I surely don't need to inform you about the latest shocking developments -- but for anyone who's just tuning in, I sure hope you didn't pay for the full seat. Because you are only going to need the edge!!!!

 Ahem. What, multiple exclamation points don't make it more interesting? FINE. Anyway, here's the scoop so far: Bieber had his laptop and camera ripped off during a show this week, he intrigued gossipmongers by tweeting that he was pissed because of the "personal footage" the thief had taken, then a rather dirty nude photo began circulating that some said was of Bieber (and most others debunked as being a fake).

The latest? He's being blackmailed by an anonymous Twitter user who claims to have the stolen data. According to "@gexwy," if Bieber doesn't cave to his demands before noon TODAY, that "personal footage" is going to be leaked to the world. OMG!!!!!!!!


The public Twitter exchange has been quite heated, with the mysterious Internet troll releasing a few clips of what appear to be Bieber's personal videos. Here are a couple of the videos that were allegedly taken from his laptop:

And here's the Twitter fight, which includes a very interesting response from Bieber himself:

Oh my god, what could this gexwy person possibly have? Is it porn? Is it Justin cheating on Selena? Is it … a PROFOUNDLY LAME PUBLICITY STUNT?

Yep, that's the theory put forth by a number of websites. For one thing, both Nicki Minaj and Bieber tweeted on Thursday about a big "surprise" coming at noon on Friday. For another, Perez Hilton posted a 5-second clip that's also allegedly taken from the stolen personal stash, in which Bieber splashes around in a pool while wearing a black tank top. Coicindentally, there's a (currently set to private) still from the as-yet-unreleased Bieber/Minaj video for "Beauty and a Beat" that shows Justin in a pool. In a black tank top. With Nicki Minaj.


Will Bieber's fans forgive him if it turns out this entire thing was a dumb hoax? Probably, since they're #toostrong and all, but I hope he at least gets some blowback for stooping to a Punk'd level prank. Screw with your fans too much, Biebs, and you just might lose them.

What's your call on this Bieber drama: real blackmail, or music video promo stunt?

Image via VEVO

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