Rapper Nelly's Tour Bus Raided and Heroin, Pot & Pistol Found


Whoa Nelly! While in Texas, the rapper's tour bus was raided by local police who found heroin, marijuana, and a loaded gun.

The "Hot in Herre" singer and his entourage were stopped at a checkpoint in Sierra Blanca and the bus was searched by a police dog who detected the drugs. And with the amount that was discovered,  someone is in big, big trouble.


In a statement to the AP, Nelly insisted that the drugs and weapon were not his, but belonged to a member of his staff. Ultimately, a guy named Brian Keith reportedly took the fall, admitting the .64 ounces of heroin in 36 small plastic bags, the 10-plus pounds of weed, and the .45-caliber pistol were his. "Neither I nor anyone else on the tour bus was aware of his decision to bring these," the star said.

To be honest, at first I didn't completely buy that. Sure, it may have been easy to obscure those tiny bags and the gun, but 10-pounds of pot is a heck of a lot.  I've seen the inside of a tour bus and there is not that much privacy. Everyone knows exactly what everyone else is doing on those things. Plus, Nelly loves to party doesn't he? His music certainly suggests so. Still, I will give him the benefit of the doubt. He probably didn't know a thing about it. And he certainly has the most to lose from the a legal scandal like this.

But Nelly isn't the first star to find themselves in hot water at that notorious checkpoint. It's the same place where Willie Nelson was busted for having the wacky weed in 2010, Armie Hammer of The Social Network fame was caught with medical marijuana cookies, and Snoop Dogg got snagged there too.

Does this news surprise you? Do you think Nelly and the rest of his crew were really clueless?


 Image via reeb0k2008/Flickr

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