'Game Of Thrones' Asks Amputees to Join Bloody Battle Scene

game of thronesWhen it comes to those bloody fight scenes, the Game of Thrones director is all about authenticity. Case in point: they are seeking real-life amputees for an upcoming epic battle to be filmed soon.

Production of the HBO mega hit starts filming in Ireland this week and it's latest casting notice dashed the hopes of a lot of actors desperate for a role.


The show is lookinig for a very specific physical type for one of its most famous fight scenes -- the Red Wedding. The notice posted reads:


Those interested in landing a role are required to send "a clear description regarding where your limb is missing eg. at knee, at ankle, etc."

They also warn that extras must be "OK and comfortable with filming a scene within the context of a battle where your leg has been injured. Prosthetic makeup will be applied as though your leg has newly been severed. We understand that this is not for everyone, so please only apply if you are happy to participate."

Talk about cryptic. But the show is all about keeping it real. Those beheadings last season were seriously grotesque -- but oh so awesome.

This is a great opportunity for actors who fit the bill, don't you think?


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