Justin Timberlake Loves Jessica Biel Because She's 'One of the Guys'

jessica bielFrom Keeping Up with the Kardashians to the 40th Anniversary American Music Awards nominations, Lance Bass is everywhere lately. You'd think he may want to use the spotlight to start launching a solo career perhaps, but no ... He seems perfectly content to dish on all the other famous people he's BFFs with. Like his buddies fellow former 'N Sync'er, Justin Timberlake and Justin's fiancee, Jessica Biel. Lance had no prob spilling his opinion to Us Weekly on why JT fell for Jess. (You know, besides the fact that she's hot.)

He explained, "Well, to me, I just love that she's a guy's gal. She can get right in there and talk basketball, football and drink a beer with you, and that's what he needs. He needs someone who can hang with the guys!" Yup -- I KNEW IT!


She's one of those girls I always used to envy for their legit passion for sports. And beer. "Guy's girls" were really popular with many of the Midwestern guys I grew up with. No apologies now, but I've always been a girly girl who honestly would prefer to spend more time at a perfume counter than a football stadium. I like hockey, but I'm not going to be a season ticket holder anytime soon (well, certainly not while there's a lockout, eh?). I like beer, but I usually go for the "girly," fruity types.

And you know what? In the end, I found out it doesn't really matter if you're "a guy's girl" or "a girly girl." All that really does matter is that you're YOU. There's almost nothing more cringe-worthy when you're single than being on a date with someone who you can totally tell is just pretending to care about whatever -- be it a sports team or a film or a book -- to impress.

In the end, I found a guy who gets a kick out of my girly ways and doesn't mind that I'm a fair-weather hockey and beer fan. I'm sure what he ultimately loved was how comfortable I am being myself with him. I'd venture to guess that's the real reason JT fell for JB, too.

When did you realize you were 100 percent comfortable around your partner?

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