Rick Springfield's 'Jesse's Girl' Performance in the NYC Subway Positively Kills It (VIDEO)

Rick Springfield and subway

Rick Springfield has still. got. it. people. like. omg. big. time. The 63-year-old singer and former soap star from the '80s was at the 34th Street Station yesterday and you would have thought Obama was down there kissing babies. He whipped out his guitar that he was carrying (because you just never know) and proceeded to serenade a platform of middle-aged commuters with "Jesse's Girl," and people were positively losing it. Yes, that cheesy 1981 Top 40 song that people are not embarrassed to say they still remember the lyrics to (and not just the chorus parts, either). Now if only all the people recording it would have just shut up so we could hear Springfield sing it ...



Did you know that Springfield wrote this song about a girl who was in the same stained glass class he was taking? He never found out her name -- but Oprah actually tried to find her years later. Alas, another one of life's great mysteries meant never to be solved.

Do you know all the words to "Jesse's Girl"? What's your favorite cheesy Top 40s song?

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