Ben Affleck 'In Touch' With Ex J. Lo 'Cause He's That Kind of Guy

Hey, all, remember Bennifer? It existed long before Robsten and TomKat. In fact, I think it was Bennifer that pretty much invented the let's combine the names of two celebrities who are dating to come up with one silly name genre. Bennifer, as you might recall, consisted of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. I know, they once dated! In fact, they were engaged. For like a nanosecond.

Ben has been vocal about how that whole Bennifer thing wasn't exactly his Impressionist period. He says he loathed the media attention, that laughable movie Gigli, and that "Jenny From the Block" video where he grabs J.Lo's ass on the deck of a yacht (okay, he probably liked that part). So it came as a bit of a surprise to hear that Ben still keeps in touch with Jen. And not even still keeps in touch -- he sounds like one of those exes who just won't go away.


Ben told Hollywood Reporter that he and the "nifer" part of their former name email each other saying things like, "Your movie looks great!" or he tells her that being on American Idol was "smart." All of which is just another way of saying, "I'm still heeeeeere. Helllooooo. Here I aaaaaammmm. Your EX. Just in case. You know. You need something."

I'm not implying there's something going on between them. I doubt Ben would have told a magazine he and Jennifer 1 were still in touch if he thought that Jennifer 2 (his wife, Jennifer Garner) would get all weird about it.

But reminds me of those exes who can't stay out of your inbox. I have a friend who is randomly contacted by no less than three exes on a fairly regular basis. She hasn't remained friends with any of them, yet suddenly she'll get a text asking her to lunch (which she'll decline) or asking her how she is (which she ignores). But that doesn't stop them.

I understand the occasional "check-in" on special days -- two of my exes got in touch on my birthday. But just saying, "Hey, what's up?" or, "Hey, your movie looks great." What's the point in that exactly? It's not like people these famous couldn't just Google each other and know what's up. In fact, most of us can do the same now.

Ben says he keeps in touch with Jen because he "likes" her and "respects" her. Okaaaay. You like her enough to email her once in awhile but not to go through with your marriage proposal? Hmmm???

I'm not saying you should never check in with the ex. But if your checking in doesn't usually get a response, or it grates on your current mate, then seriously, guys, check out!

Do you check in with your exes? Do they check in with you?


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