Lea Michele & Cory Monteith's Time Apart Doesn't Necessarily Mean the End

lea cory gleeFinchel may be ancient history (at least for the time being, tears!), but what about their off-screen counterparts, Cory Monteith and Lea Michele, whose real-life romance we've reveled in over the past few months ... Are they at risk of a split, too?! Last weekend, Cory was spied out on his own at a Black Keys concert in L.A. Lea was nowhere to be found. Uh-oh ...

Worse yet, this came right on the tail of all those dirty rumors that Cory might be super-jealous of Lea's on-set chemistry with the hottie who plays her new Glee love interest, Dean Geyer and has even "forbidden Lea from seeing him after the cameras stop rolling.” Whoa. So, obviously, his solo act this weekend must prove he and Lea really ARE on the rocks! Right? Say it's not so!


The good news: It's SO not so! Dean and his girlfriend, actress Jillian Murray, recently laughed off those ridiculous rumors, and what's more, Lea wasn't at the concert because she was filming L'Oreal commercials all weekend in NYC. She even tweeted Saturday: “Early morning shooting my new @LOrealParisUSA commercial! Going to need lots of coffee today!” That clears that up, right?

The Glee-ful lovebirds were just doin' their own thing on separate coasts this weekend. No cause for concern!

Nonetheless, it doesn't surprise me that some gossipmongers were getting us all worked up about a possible breakup. It seems like whenever members of famous celeb couples are seen out, about, and not attached at the hip of their SO, it's suddenly a big scary sign that they're having relationship woes. And come on, how ridiculous is that?!

I'd venture to guess anyone who is half of a happy couple will tell you they love having the occasional stretch of time (be it a night or week) away from their partner. Not only is it healthy to have interests that differ from your partner's and activities that don't involve them, but distance really does makes the heart grow fonder. After being apart, it's not uncommon to feel so grateful for what you have when you're together. Not to mention that it can give your chemistry a helluva boost!

So let's not get too fretful about a potential Lea-Cory split just yet! After all, there's a very real possibility the time apart they had this past weekend only served to make their relationship evenstronger ...

Do you agree that just the right amount of time away from your partner can make your relationship stronger?


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