The 'Peanuts' Movie Is Coming, Charlie Brown! (VIDEO)

charlie brown and lucyGood grief! I want to be happy about the Peanuts gang getting a feature-length, big-screen update. Really, I do. But you know what? I'm not. In fact, I'm terrified! Snoopy ... in 3D? BLASPHEMY, I tell you! The Peanuts are meant to be low-tech and humble, quirky and contemplative -- like Charlie Brown himself.

Like the very time in history when such classics as It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! debuted on TV -- the '60s. (Back in my day, we didn't get to watch A Charlie Brown Christmas whenever we wanted, kids! We didn't even have VHS! Those holiday specials were on for one night and one night only and you waited all year for that night and that's what made them holiday "specials," understand?! Sigh.)


Anyway. I want to give this movie a chance, really I do. I mean, it's got to be a good sign that Charles Schulz's son Craig Schulz and grandson Bryan Schulz wrote the screenplay, right? Since they probably have a genuine interest in preserving their grandfather's legacy. (Speaking of, did you read that biography of Charles Schulz? No wonder Charlie Brown was depressed, holy lord!) But I'm afraid if I get my hopes up, I'll end up feeling like a fool. Like Charlie Brown feels every time Lucy pulls that football away: This time I'm gonna kick that ball! Aaugh!

Dude, it's just that I love Snoopy so much. Pretty much every password I've ever had has been some variation on the name "Snoopy." (Whoops. Except I guess I gotta go change 'em all now.)
I didn't care when they redid The Smurfs. And The Muppets have managed to retain their inherent Muppet-ness, but Peanuts? Is nothing sacred?!

Call me a Peanuts purist, but I want Charlie Brown and the gang to forever remain exactly as they are in this video below:

Do you think the new Peanuts movie will do Charlie Brown justice?

Image via PeanutsOnline/YouTube

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