Matthew McConaughey's Incredible Weight Loss Comes as a Big Surprise

matthew mcconaugheyMatthew McConaughey looks very, very, ill. But I guess that's the point. The 42-year-old actor is on his way to losing 30 pounds for a movie in which he'll play real-life Texas man Ron Woodruff, an electrician who sought experimental, not-yet-approved HIV drugs in the '80s when he was diagnosed with AIDS and told by doctors to "go home and die." McConaughey will play the lead role in The Dallas Buyer's Club, and it's scheduled for release next year.

Now I don't know about you, but this comes as sort of a surprise. I mean, McConaughey's last role was as a super buff stripper in Magic Mike. Now he's playing a gaunt man with AIDS? Sounds like someone's getting serious in his old age.


And I like it.

He's played the stoner and the surfer and the stripper and the lawyer, but now, it would seem, it's time McConaughey really sank his acting teeth into a role and showed the world what he's capable of. Maybe he's ready to hold that golden statue, look out to the sea of his peers, and smile that mischievous, wry smile everyone's fallen in love with and start his speech with, "I'd like to thank the Academy ..."

Because, hey, don't they say that in order to get nominated for an Oscar, you need to lose weight for a role, play a Holocaust victim, or play a mentally-handicapped person? Sounds like Matthew's taking a page out of Natalie Portman's Black Swan playbook and has opted for the weight-loss role of a lifetime.

But it's coming at a cost. Back in August, when he was halfway to shedding his goal of 30 pounds, he told Larry King that it feels like a bit of a spiritual and mental cleanse, and I believe it. I'm sure the will power it takes to achieve such a feat really does make the experience seem transcendental, especially if you had just prepared for Magic Mike by eating five meals a day and working out all the time. 

So far only Gael Garcia Bernal has been confirmed to co-star in The Dallas Buyer's Club, and rumor has it that Hilary Swank was cast, but turned down the part due to scheduling conflicts.

Or maybe she found out she, too, had to lose 30 pounds for her part and was like, Oh hell no, I already got my Oscar.

What do you think?


Photo via Pacific Coast News

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