Nicole Kidman's Tom Cruise Secret Helped Her Find Her Own Christian Grey

harpers bazaar nicole kidmanNicole Kidman has kept her lips sealed about ex Tom Cruise for the most part, but in the latest issue of Harper's Bazaar, she's opening up big-time. It's actually kind of shocking how forthcoming the actress got about her first marriage and how it compares to her current, six-year-long marriage to country star and American Idol judge Keith Urban

Whether or not you believe that Nicole and Tom were legit in love and their marriage wasn't a Scientology-approved sham meant to make Tom look good for the (almost precisely) 10 years that they were an item, you gotta admit, Nicole really came out of her shell once she split from her Xenu-loving hubster. And the New Nicole made the Old Nicole look even more like a much less outspoken, not-nearly-as-happy Stepford version of herself. (Remind you of anyone else? Cough Katie Holmes!) Now, we kinda have confirmation that was the case ... 


Nicole explained:

In those early years, it was like, 'I'm here and I'm clutching onto your arm, and it all feels a little overwhelming and really strange.' I was shy. Deeply shy. I didn't feel comfortable at all. But I felt very comfortable at home.

By comparison, though, here's what she has to say about her relationship with Keith, who she says has a "bigger, stronger personality"  ...

He just gave me confidence through just being very kind to me and understanding me, opening me up to trying things, my sexuality, those sorts of things. ... I need protection. Everyone wants to feel someone's got their back.

In other words, her current DH is a real macho MAAAN! Alright, so that's not always a compliment, but it definitely is in this case. It seems like Nicole needed a boost after her split from Cruise. And Keith -- someone who wasn't just compassionate but who was able to draw her out of her shell sexually -- gave her exactly that. HOT! (And kind of like a real-life Christian Grey, no?!)

Don't get me wrong ... I'm not saying we as women need a strong, take-charge kinda guy to show us the light sexually. Geeze, not at all! We're perfectly capable of discovering, navigating, and exploring our own sexual identities on our own. But it doesn't hurt to have a partner who truly supports what you already know or those aspects and avenues you may not be entirely able to explore, err, well, alone! Being with someone you feel incredibly comfortable with on all levels -- emotionally, mentally, sexually -- is something we all dream of. And deserve.

That said, I know I'm not alone in loving that Nicole Kidman finally found that in Keith Urban! And that as a result, she seems happier -- and more satisfied! -- than ever.

Do you believe it's important to be with someone who makes you more comfortable with your sexuality?

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