Kim Kardashian’s Sunglasses Are So Big They Deserve Their Own Zip Code (PHOTO)

Kim & Kanye househunting in MiamiIf I was Kim Kardashian, I'd most likely be wallowing in a pint of Ben & Jerry's right now after hearing the recent news that ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush is expecting his first child with his current girlfriend. But heck, Kim's better than that. Oh, you're gonna have a kid Reggie? Well I'm gonna go look for a house with Kanye! Take that, stud.

Well, that's how it went down in my mind anyway. Kim and Kanye just happened to be out in Miami yesterday checking out multi-million dollar mansions. Pretty good distraction, wouldn't you say? Considering Kim and Kanye are so totally getting hitched any day now, it doesn't surprise me, either.

What does surprise me, though, are those massive mirrors overtaking her face. Wait, is that an umbrella Kanye's holding? So it's ... raining. And Kim's still rocking stunner shades big enough to hide the sun from all of Miami combined?

I understand the whole big sunglasses trend. Heck, I love it. But these, well, they're a tad excessive don'tcha think?


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OK. Maybe I'm being too hard on her. Maybe Kim IS taking this whole Reggie thing harder than we thought and her eyes are so puffy you could take a nap on her bags. Something tells me, though, that that's just not the case. Kim's got a new man now! A man that wants to buy a crazy expensive house with her! Oh so they want us to think, anyway.

Back to the glasses, though. Sure, big sunglasses are flirty and fun. I love them because, depending on where you shop, they're a cheap and easy way to snazz up a daytime look and a fun way to show your personality. With that said, there is such a thing as too big and I'm pretty sure Kim's house hunting shades are a prime example.

I can't help but wonder, with Kanye being such a big player in Kim's style choices, did he ask her to wear them? Maybe he wanted to be able to look at himself more often, a mirror within arms reach at all times. Hey, it's a hunch. Nothing is off limits with Kimye these days.

What do you think of Kim's shades?

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Image via Pacific Coast News

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