Kim Kardashian Goes House Hunting With Kanye to Forget About Reggie Bush

Kim Kardashian & Kanye WestThey must be seriously considering taking their relationship to the next level, because Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were spotted house hunting in Miami this week, which can only mean one thing. Ok, so maybe it can only mean two things.

Either Kim and Kanye are on the verge of moving in together and having lots of little Kardashian-West babies -- or Kim is just super desperate to distract herself from the news that her ex, Reggie Bush, just got his girlfriend preggers. (Oh yes, he did!)


Now that he's going to be a dad, it's almost like Reggie won the race to settle down and move on with his life, and now Kim feels like she has to make a bold move to show she's most definitely over Reggie. (Yeah, sure.) Or at least that would explain why she and Kanye were seen looking all lovey-dovey while walking hand-in-hand and checking out swanky Miami mansions.

It appears as though there will be no slumming it in a beachside bungalow for these two, because the "homes" they were checking out were all in the neighborhood of other multimillion-dollar pads. (Must be nice to be able to throw down a fat wad of cash whenever the mood strikes you.)

And while it's entirely possible that Kim and Kanye want to spend a decent amount of time soaking up the sun and enjoying the happening nightlife Miami has to offer, you have to admit -- their timing for house hunting just seems a bit too convenient. And you know what else seems like way too much of a coincidence? All the photographers who "just happened" to be following the couple along on their search for a luxurious piece of real estate. Kim and Kanye didn't seem to mind the extra attention one bit -- and actually, they almost seemed to be inviting the photographers to keep snapping shots of them looking happier than two kids on Christmas morning. (Hmm. Interesting.)

Do you think Kim planned this house hunt to send a message to Reggie Bush?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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