New ‘Glee’ Spoilers Reveal the Fate of McKinley’s Favorite Couples (VIDEO)

Rachel & Finn in 'Glee' 'Break Up' EpisodeI don't know about you, but I literally bawled my eyes out after last week's "Break Up" episode of Glee. It was just too much to handle at once, so much heartache, too many tears. Watching Rachel tell Finn that he was and will forever be her first love?! UGH. My heart just melted.

The fact that we have to wait until the November 8 episode "The Role You Were Born to Play" to find out what's going on with all these lovebirds is pretty much going to make me lose my marbles. You know what this means, though, don't you? Major major speculation, everywhere. 

Are things really over between our favorite couples? And what can we expect come November? Read on for all the juicy spoiler details


1. None of these breakups are final: YES! Brad Fulchuk assured fans in a recent interview that "there's an enormous amount of love there, so there's a great chance of a lot of them getting back together." If I had to pick one couple to get back together, I'm really pulling for Kurt and Blaine. I can see Rachel living without Finn and Brittany going on without Santana, but Kurt without Blaine? It just feels off.

2. Mercedes is coming back! Although we're not sure what the story line is, we're positive she's back for episode 5. I'm hoping for some sort of Sam and Mercedes rekindling, personally.

3. Glee Project winner Blake Jenner will be making a big splash: Jenner will be joining the choir room in episode 5 as Ryder Lynn. According to Ryan Murphy, Lynn is an all-star athlete who has a really tough time in the classroom thanks to his battle with dyslexia. Hmm, a topic we've yet to see on Glee, I'm interested to see how the writers handle this one.

4. Finn, the new choir director?: Finn will be sticking around Lima for a while and helping out with the Glee club. While I think he has the potential to be a great choir director, I'm not so sure what else he'll do with his free time. Even though I'd love for him to stay in the choir room forever, the kid has to find a path for now. How about a stint at modeling, stud?

5. Grease is the word: Perez Hilton posted a pic of a cork board featuring the Grease lineup and now we finally know which ones of our favorite McKinley students will be playing which part. For Danny, it's Jake (swoon!) and Ryder, and for Sandy, it's Marley vs. Kitty. I sense a little competition in the air. Other casting highlights? Sam as Kenickie, Unique as Rizzo, and Brittany as Cha-Cha. So excited!

Check out the trailer for episode 5, "The Role You Were Born to Play," here:

Who do you want to see get back together?


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