Kim Kardashian's Third Wedding Is Already Planned

kim kardashianIf you miss Keeping Up With the Kardashians on Sunday nights, raise your hand. Two ... three ... four -- okay, so I'm not the only one. Good. Now let's talk about Kim since clearly we're all woefully understocked in Kardashianness these days. What's she been up to? How's she hanging? What's on her mind?

Well, since you ask, what's on her mind is her next wedding. Duh. Her third wedding, if you're counting. And what's on Kim's mind gets us talking, and what gets us talking (hopefully) gets you talking.

It's like a snake eating its own tale. The circle of life.


Kim recently talked to Tatler magazine and had this to say: "It had always been my dream to have a big wedding, and when people said that I'd made it over the top for [Keeping Up With the Kardashians], that was just me -- I am over the top. But the next time, I want to do it on an island with just my friends and family and that's it."

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So, there you have it. Next time. There will be a next time, people! Kim hasn't lost faith in the sanctity of marriage. Or, you know, at least the act of marriage.

Here's what I wonder, though: If Kim's next wedding (to Kanye, to Mercy, to whomever) is an intimate affair, will the camera crew be there? I sincerely hope not, even though I'd watch the shit out that. Because there's no such thing as "intimate" when you're being filmed for an audience of millions. It's just not possible.

But, you know, despite the ridiculousness of her last marriage, I do hope Kim finds true love again, and eventually remarries. Why shouldn't she? Everyone should be entitled to that. But she probably shouldn't be talking about her next wedding when the divorce from her last wedding technically still isn't final. Just sayin'.

What do you think of Kim's komments?

Image via accidentalpaparazzi/Flickr

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