Danny DeVito & Rhea Perlman Separate After 30 Years of Marriage

We've probably all gotten accustomed to hearing about shocking Hollywood divorces. I don't mean the ones that happen after only a few months of marriage (cough Kim Kardashian cough), but the ones that happen to couples you were sure would last foh-evah. Like Survivor alum Lisa Whelchel and her husband. Like Heidi and Seal. (Though now I wonder how they stayed married so long.)

The latest beats them all. Danny DeVito and his wife of 30 (count 'em!) years Rhea Perlman are separated. Not Danny and Rhea!!!! If Hollywood marriage were a Survivor show, these two would be the last on the island. But they've voted themselves off.


Danny now stars in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. But, for me, he'll always be the short dude running around the jungle in Romancing the Stone. And the lawyer caught in the middle of the most horrific divorce ever in War of the Roses. Let's hope Danny and Rhea's doesn't go like that one. Rhea was, of course, the incomparable Carla Tortelli on the best TV show of all time, Cheers.

These two seemed like the perfect pair. Not only did they have successful Hollywood careers and were so unHollywoody, but they were practically the same height. It couldn't have been easy for either one of them to find a partner under five feet. Danny once said about the success of their long marriage: "The secret to success is to try to never figure that out." Maybe he made the mistake of trying?

I imagine after 30 years and three grown children, there's just maybe ... not much left to say? Or too much to say and most of it isn't very good?

This is sad news though. Since they're only separated and haven't filed for divorce yet, maybe there's a chance for reconciliation? As Danny's lawyer character in War of the Roses says about divorce: "There is no winning. Only degrees of losing."

At least these two won't find themselves swinging on a chandelier in the middle of their destroyed mansion like the battling duo from War of the Roses. But it does make me wonder: If these two decided to call it quits, does anyone else stand a chance?

What do you think of Danny and Rhea's divorce? Does anyone go the distance anymore?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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