Ellen Pranks Costco Customers & Cute Old Guy Falls Completely in Love (VIDEO)

ellen costcoAbout a week ago, Ellen DeGeneres sent one of her show's writers to a Costco. No, Ellen didn't need a 55-pound bag of gummy bears nor enough toilet paper to wipe a nation, what Ellen needed, instead, was some fun -- she assigned writer Amy to approach shoppers at the mega-discount retailer and only speak in song lyrics. Trooper Amy seemed up to the task and sparked up convos with strangers, asking people to call her, maybe, to be her teenage dream, and more.

It's hilarious, and even sweet -- Amy falls in love with a kind octogenarian who doesn't want to stop their embrace because "it feels so good." Aw! Who knew speaking in Katy Perry lyrics was the best way to woo the over-70 set? You gotta watch:


I don't know about you, but I kind of want to head straight to Costco and try this out myself. OK, OK, truth be told I just want to go up to people, put my jazz hands in the air, and ask people if they "can blow my whistle baby, whistle baby," but still. Close enough. Who's with me?

How funny is this Ellen segment?


Photo via TheEllenShow/YouTube

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