Lady Gaga Vomits on Stage Now -- Dear God, Don't Make This a Trend (VIDEO)

lady gaga vomitAnother day, another pop star vomiting on stage. This time it's Lady Gaga. And this time, the puking happened four times. That makes Justin Bieber's solitary barfing look like an Emily Post book incarnate.

Here's what happened: Gaga was singing and dancing at her concert in Barcelona last week, as people giving concerts often do, when all of a sudden, she threw up. And then she threw up again. And again. And again.

Was it Bieber Fever? Or simply a stomach bug? Either way, Lady Gag-Gag should have cut the concert short. I mean, her dedication should be applauded, but dude, even the fiercest little monster doesn't need to Lady G vomit.

Four times!


One vomiting, okay. For the sake of fans who have traveled from far away and shelled out their hard-earned money to see a concert, I get that. Pushing on through waves of nausea and an up-chuck is sort of expected. But two? Eh, that's veering into questionable territory. Like, something's obviously wrong then. Three, just tell the audience what's wrong, and call it a day. They'll understand. After all, they just saw thrice pukings. Four, come on! Go home. Get under the covers and go to sleep. Or better yet, get to the doctor. Your commitment to your fans is nothing if not admirable, but seriously, I don't think the most passionate of fans wants to see that.

I hope this doesn't start a trend. I mean, what are the odds of two of music's biggest performers barfing on stage within two weeks of each other? Unless there's some weird strain of flu going around that only affects celebrities? Just because Justin Bieber didn't end his show after puking doesn't mean Lady Gaga couldn't have. And doesn't mean Katy Perry will have to continue on if she gets explosive diarrhea or something either.

We get it, you're human, guys. We'd much prefer you go home and get some much-needed care than, you know, vomit all over us.

Pop star puking on stage: React to it.

Image via TheMrShakira/YouTube

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