Jay-Z Rides Subway to Final Concert & Commuters Go Crazy (VIDEO)

Jay-ZForget the Lambo, Jay-Z's latest ride is undeniably the coolest one ever for a big-time celebrity like him. Saturday night, for his final show at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, he took not a pimped-out limo, nor a high-class helicopter, but rather a grimy old subway car.

Oh yes, he did. According to The Huffington Post, he hopped on the R train Saturday evening just like he was any average guy. Only he's definitely not just any average guy, and when people spotted him, they freaked the hell out.

People were snapping pictures, tweeting the news out to the world, and taking videos. See one of them after the jump in which Jay-Z seems surprised that he's causing such a scene.


He's just Jay-Z from the block, right? At least he took some body guards with him ... which probably means it was more of a publicity stunt than him just thinking, Hey, I don't need no posh ride. I don't care, though, it was a pretty cool stunt at that, and it definitely made a bunch of people's day if not upping his image as a man of the people.

Jay-Z knows what the people like, and the people like him. He's said before that he may have eyes on the presidential office in a few years, and with moves like this, I don't think it's that outrageous to think he actually could have a shot at it.

Do you love that Jay-Z took the subway to his performance? Jay-Z for president?


Image via YouTube

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