Kim Kardashian's Biggest Sexual 'Turn-Offs' Are Ridiculously Shallow (VIDEO)

Kim KardashianKim Kardashian isn't known for being particularly "deep" when it comes to relationships (please just ignore the pun, kthxbai). After all, a career based on a sex tape, two failed marriages, and an entire life constructed around reality television do not a poet laureate make. And yet, the "turn-offs" she listed in her new interview with the British rag Tattler are particularly obnoxious.

A woman looking for real love can be turned off by physical things, but really, when it comes down to it, the physical side is only a small part of the relationship. But Kim won't see that because she is too busy being worried about "bad hygiene" issues like "big ears." Say what?

Look, to each their own and all that, and some of what she says makes sense, but she is also discounting a portion of the male population for shallow reasons. See part of her shoot below:


She hates bad teeth, bad nails, big ears, and admits that "size matters." First of all, no man can help his ears. That's probably a key point here. But it's more than that too.

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Every woman has turn-offs. I can't stand conservative men who don't laugh or men who are obsessed with "the boys" or who want a "man cave." But those are personality traits. There is a kind of man who acts like that, and I know that isn't the kind of man I am likely to love or be compatible with. So fine. But ears? Really?

If she said she didn't want a man who doesn't read or a man who doesn't like kids, I would get it. But ears? Teeth? I mean, OK. I guess I get teeth. You have to kiss the guy, after all. But ears? How can he help that?

OK, so maybe I am being too hard on Kim. I know I do happen to like a taller man. But it would be really mean of me to suggest that I could never be attracted to a shorter man. In the right circumstances, I probably could!

All this is a long way of saying that women who discount men for shallow reasons might find themselves sorry one day. Big ears are very preferable to a small heart, no?

Do you have shallow turn-offs?

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