Jay-Z Accidentally Stands Up Beyonce on Stage But She Handles It Well (VIDEO)

Jay Z and Beyonce perform at the Barclay CenterJay-Z finished off his 8-show run at Brooklyn's newest concert venue, the Barclay Center, last night with one serious bang. After keeping guest appearances to a low throughout the whole week, Jay-Z decided to make a certain exception for the one and only Beyonce. Because heck, when your wife looks like that and has a voice of an angel, why wouldn't you bring her out for a special stint, amiright?

Rockin' black leather and knee high boots, Beyonce strutted onto the Brooklyn stage for a performance of "Diva" and rocked it. But when the songstress got on her booty-poppin' grind for her second and last song, "Crazy in Love," a track that Jay-Z raps on, her hubby was no where to be found. Yup, Jay-Z stood her up on stage ... until the end, anyway. Come on Jay, where were you? Cuddling Blue Ivy backstage?

Check out Beyonce's wonky performance after the jump.


Click to around 3:35 for the screw up:

Damn, Bey knows how to belt it. I have chills! There's an obvious lull in the music where Jay is supposed to jump in, but Beyonce did a pretty solid job covering up for her MIA hubby. When he finally comes into the picture at the end, all I want to do is see Beyonce's facial expression. You know she's giving him that "thanks for leaving me hanging, babe" face.

Either way, I get chills every darn time I see Jay-Z and Beyonce perform together. So much talent, so much love, and shoot -- almost too much hotness.

What did you think of Jay-Z and Beyonce on stage together?

Image via Splash News, Rauclei_Jer/ YouTube

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