Big Bird Bites Back at Mitt Romney & Shows Up Daniel Craig on 'SNL' (VIDEO)

Big Bird on Weekend Update on 'Saturday Night Live'

One would think that an episode of Saturday Night Live hosted by the one and only Daniel Craig would be pretty epic. Sure, 007 had a few good moments, including his stint as Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo's husband. Even still, he definitely wasn't the one to watch last night. Big bird, however, he was on his game. The Sesame Street favorite swooped in and stole the show.

Awake way past his bedtime, Big Bird made an extra special appearance on SNL's "Weekend Update." While the bird jokes were flowing (at one point the Sesame Street favorite said he didn't want to "ruffle any feathers"), Big Bird managed to keep things pretty classy. So classy, in fact, that he refrained from really fighting back to Mitt Romney's vow to defund PBS.

I always knew I liked that big guy. Watch the hilarious clip, here:


... I wish I was as witty as this adorable bundle of feathers. We all knew that SNL would jump on this Big Bird train and heck, I think they handled it pretty well. You definitely don't really realize how massive the eight-foot-tall yellow guy is until you sit him next to Seth Meyers behind a news desk, that's for sure.

I don't know about you, but I'm highly anticipating Thursday night's Vice Presidential debate so that hopefully, we can all move on from this Big Bird business. You just know that Joe Biden and Paul Ryan are going to provide us with some new fun material. While the Big Bird comment has provided a whole slew of laughs and hilarious spoofs -- it's about time to get back to focusing on the issues that really count.

What did you think of Big Bird's appearance on SNL?


Image via NBC

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