Hulk Hogan Sex Tape Released & Suddenly Ex-Wife Linda Gets DUI … Coincidence?

Linda HoganEver have one of those days where everything seems to go wrong? That might describe the Hogans on Thursday, when not only was a sex tape released starring none other than Hulk Hogan, but his ex-wife, Linda, was arrested under suspicion of DUI. Coinkydink?!

Linda's rep says that she had one glass of champagne at a jewelry line launch party and that, combined with some antibiotics (those damn antibiotics!), did the trick. But who could blame Linda if she got wind of her ex-husband starring in a that-day-to-be-released sex tape -- which didn't costar her -- and knocked a few back? I couldn't blame her. No sirree bob.


There'd been rumors going around of a Hulk Hogan sex tape for quite awhile and it's not entirely clear when it was made or who made it. Gawker published the tape yesterday, but who knows how long it will be around, because Hulk is threatening to sue.

But don't all of these people (cough Paris cough Pamela cough Kim) with sex tapes threaten to sue and yet next thing you know the tapes are boxed and being sold in Walmart? Well, okay, maybe not Walmart. But, you know, everywhere else.

And it's unclear if Hulk was married to Linda when the videotaped ickiness occurred. At one point on the tape, Hulk says, "I should be home but I'm here." Well, if you should be home, something tells me you shouldn't be where you are. Rumor has it the woman in the tape is the wife of a friend of Hulk's. Dandy.

Anyway, back to Linda, because who cares about Hulk. Linda has always made it clear that she divorced Hulk because of his cheating ways. Again, we don't know that Hulk was stepping out on Linda this particular time (could have been his second wife!). But it's still pretty gross to have a sex tape released of your ex and father of your children. I certainly couldn't blame Linda if she got a few refills on that free champagne. No excuse for driving afterwards though.

Let's hope Linda has a better weekend. As for Hulk, ehhhh. Eff 'im. Everyone else has!

Do you think it was coincidence that Linda's DUI and Hulk's sex tape happened on the same day?


Image via Los Angeles County Sheriff's Dept.

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