Teresa Giudice's 'RHONJ' Reunion Behavior Was Edited to Make Her Look GOOD

Teresa GiudiceIn the world of reality TV, usually people blame the editing for making them look bad. And it's actually a pretty cogent argument, being that the avid machine is far mightier than the sword. But in the case of Teresa Giudice, and last week's Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion, the opposite is being said.

That's right. Supposedly, Teresa's antics -- and words -- at the reunion were far worse in real life than what we saw on TV. What! How is that possible?!


According to a "source" whose last name probably rhymes with "Lanzo", Teresa's insults to Lauren for getting lap band surgery were made to look tame(ish) on the RHONJ reunion. Mysterious Source tells Us Weekly: "It was even worse than what was shown on TV. She was saying Lauren was lazy."

Wow. That doesn't sound like something that should be coming out of a grown woman's mouth.

Whether this is true or not, I've gotta say, Teresa may be the only reality star in Bravo history who could afford to have some of the mean things she's said edited out -- and still look bad! Almost everything that came out of her mouth this season -- and definitely everything on the reunion -- was insulting, immature, or hurtful to someone else.

While Teresa's actions certainly left something to be desired this season, the other women's behavior was pretty terrible also. They all were pretty nasty and back-stabby and gossipy at one point or another. It had to be said.

But still, I'm not so sure the producers had so much awful footage of them that they had to cut some of it out. And that says something about Teresa. Dang.

What did you think of Teresa's behavior at the reunion?

Image via Bravo
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