'RHONJ' Joe Giudice's Court Date Set & Things Just Got Really Real

teresa giudice joe giudiceThey've become such caricatures of themselves that it's hard to remember that these are real people. I wonder if that's what Teresa Giudice and husband Joe Giudice had in mind when they signed up to be a part of The Real Housewives of New Jersey -- if becoming larger than life was their goal, no matter if it tore apart their family or not, then I'd say they've succeeded. They've been so successful at it, in fact, that I've come to only see them as fictional villains on a TV show. Surely, no one is that messed up in real life, but then reality, not Bravo reality, but reality reality hits, and Joe's court date to face charges of forgery is set of October 29. He faces 10 years in jail.


If you'll remember, he rejected a plea deal of five years in prison back in July for the accusation of illegally obtaining a driver's license using his brother's birth certificate after his own license was revoked after a DUI. Five years would've been a long time to be locked up, but now, Joe's facing the maximum sentence in the slammer.

I hope the worst for the Giudices. I hope Joe gets sent to jail and Teresa right along with him. Their innocent kids could move in with Zia Melissa and Zio Joe and could be raised under a roof where there's some semblance of decency.

Then I remember that these are real people, with real lives. Despite their outstanding ability to make me believe that this is all for show, that this drama, this "you're the devil because you're wearing red" and this "my bitch of a wife" and this "you're killing my father!" and this "strippergate" ... it's not fake. And I can no longer hope for the drama.

Teresa and Joe exist, and in a month, we'll find out if Joe's headed to jail and for how long. It won't be because Andy Cohen wrote it in a script, it'll be, for lack of a better word, realsies. And that's mind-boggling.

What do you think? Hard to remember these are real people?


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