Robert Pattinson's Need to 'Mommy Please' Is Behind His Reconciliation With Kristen Stewart

Robert Pattinson & Kristen StewartAs if it isn't bad enough that she's reportedly living in the same Malibu beach house with them, now there's a rumor that Kristen Stewart's mom may be the reason she and Robert Pattinson got back together.

Supposedly Jules Stewart was "devastated" when she heard that Kristen had cheated on Rob with director Rupert Sanders, because she considered him to be part of the family and was simply shocked that Kristen strayed. Wait -- it gets even more pathetic.

Apparently Jules has been speaking to Robert on Kristen's behalf -- and she's trying to help "rebuild the trust between them." (Gag me.)


Does anybody else see what's going on here?!? If these rumors are true, then Kristen Stewart's mom totally guilted Robert Pattinson into taking her back -- and his "forgiveness" had nothing to do with not being able to live without her or any of that romantic crap. And that means there's absolutely zero chance of these two staying together for the long haul, because eventually, mama's not going to be able to plead her case any further.

But I totally get why talking to Jules would make Rob cave, because sometimes it's next to impossible to break up with your significant other's family if you were very close with them during the relationship.

During my younger years, I dated a dude who had the most awesome family EVER. And even though he and I weren't really working out and our lives were going in different directions, I wanted to hang on to the possibility of living happily ever after with him because I couldn't bear the thought of never seeing his family again. And once things did finally end for good, it was really tough to cut ties with them forever. (Confession -- to this day, I'm still a little jealous of the chick he married because of the over-the-top amazeballs in-laws she wound up with. I hope she knows how lucky she is.)

Rob may be warming back up to Kristen for now simply because he doesn't want to disappoint Jules, but eventually, he'll remember that she cheated and they'll have some big blow-out fight and they'll wind up calling it quits for good. But this won't happen until after November 16, of course. Mom guilt or no mom guilt, the success of Breaking Dawn: Part 2 is way more important than his self-respect.

Have you ever stayed with someone because of their family?


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