Amazing Kate Middleton Lookalike Has the Duchess Down to a T (VIDEO)

kate middleton lookalikeShe walks! She talks! She's alive. Last week we talked about the Kate Middleton lookalike, Heidi Agan, who'd quit her job as a waitress to become a full-time Duchess Catherine doppelganger, commanding over $1,000 per appearance. Well now, it would seem, talk show host Katie Couric has ponied up the big bucks for an up close and personal look at Heidi. The 32-year-old mom of two was on Katie's program earlier this week, and boy oh boy, royalphiles, is it ever a treat.

Not only does Heidi strongly resemble Kate, but she acts just like her, too. This might be the closest we'll get to a Kate Middleton interview, so drink it in, fans, drink it in.


I have to hand it to Heidi -- not only does she have Kate's look down to a T, but she's also managed to emulate her poise, composure, and grace. She seems like bonafide, blue-blood royalty. Although, I have to wonder which came first, the princess demeanor or the lookalike gig, sort of the chicken or the egg scenario, but regardless, Heidi is nailing it.

And what a testament that is to Kate. A-list celebs all have lookalikes, but probably none play the part with such admiration, approbation, and dignity. Heidi has been offered, likely big, big bucks, to pose nude for various online and print publications, but she won't even consider it out of respect for one, her children, and for two, the royal palace. Heidi's a classy lady, just like Kate.

Watch the interview below. Warning: Katie's intro is so lame, but don't worry, it only goes up from there. And bonus! A Prince William lookalike makes an appearance, as well. Yay!

 Do you think Heidi's doing a great job, or what?


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