Heidi Montag’s Crazy Strip Club Party Plan Has 'Spencer' Written All Over It

heidi montagI know you don't care about Heidi Montag anymore, and neither do I, really, but this just struck me as a little odd and I feel compelled to share. So Heidi has agreed to be paid $25,000 to host a party at a strip club in Vegas. Besides the absurdly high paycheck for someone whose recent credits include a stint on VH1's reality flop Famous Food, the news of Heidi's gig is also interesting because Heidi, who spent billions of dollars on her millions of plastic surgeries, will remain clothed the whole time, and will not go topless.



Obviously, Heidi should do what makes her comfortable, but I'm just a little confused that the same person who sold their soul and, let's face it, their innocence, their familial relationships, and their entire body to Hollywood would not want to show off what all that money and pain and suffering was for.

Since she was so desperate to look like Stripper Barbie, you'd think she'd be all about showing her G-cups off in front of a crowd of adoring gentlemen. Yeah, G-cups, exactly.

Her husband Spencer will be at her side as she hosts the third anniversary party for the strip club Crazy Horse III, presumably on hand to make sure L.C. doesn't come in and ruin anything, and to make sure his demure wife doesn't show too much. I mean, you know this was all his idea, right? Hey, I wonder if he'll have any crystals with him to ward off any negativity that might be flowing in the club. Remember how he was really into those? Good times.

I guess more than the fact that Heidi's not going topless, I'm most surprised that Heidi got a paying gig. Twenty-five Gs ain't too shabby, either. Let's hope she doesn't take the money and head to the nearest medi-spa ... I think we all pray those days are over.

What do you think of Heidi's new job?


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