Jef Holm's Grandpa May Have Had 11 Wives But That Shouldn't Worry Emily

jef holm polygamy

Holy multiple wives, does Jef Holm have polygamists hiding in his family tree? In Touch is reporting that Jef's grandfather had 11 wives -- yes all at the same time. In Touch claims grandpa Carl Holm broke off from mainstream Mormonism and founded the FLDS (Fundamentalist Church of Latter-Day Saints), which practices polygamy. They say Jef's dad Carl left the FLDS and joined the Mormon church. And supposedly, In Touch got one of Jef's relatives to confirm the story.

Is it really true? Jef says no way. He tweeted, "Now they're going after my family? My family DOES NOT, HAS NEVER had any affiliation with polygamy. Ever." Actually, here's a screenshot of the whole tweet because it's kind of cute.


jef holm polygamy

Awww, pictures!

Okay, so back to the main question: Was Grandpa Holm a polygamist or not? Which relative of Jef's is claiming he was? (Probably that blabbermouth brother of his!) Could it be that Grandpa really was a polygamist, it's just that Jef has disowned him as "family"?

Whatever the case is, Jef is telling the truth about Mormons and polygamy. Mainstream Mormonism does not condone the practice of polygamy at this time. I mean, technically men can be "sealed" (a spiritual bond, not a state-recognized bond) to more than one woman. But officially the practice died out in the early 20th century.

Anyway, if it turns out Grandpa Holm really was a member of FLDS and a practicing polygamist, who cares? MANY Mormons are descended from polygamists, including Mitt Romney and the man I married. I'm sure having multiple wives is the LAST thing Jef's got planned for his life. Emily is his one and only, period. Everyone has weirdos in their family tree. It's nothing to be embarrassed about. If it's true, Jef should just shrug it off. Emily is marrying him, not his crazy relatives.

Should it matter if Jef is descended from polygamists?


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