Ashton Kutcher Becomes Tragic Victim of Mean Hoax (Hey, Does This Sound Familiar?)

Ashton KutcherHave you heard of "swatting"? It sounds like yet another idiotic Facebook self-portrait trend, but apparently it's a prank that involves someone calling the cops and reporting a fake emergency. The point is to drum up enough manufactured drama that police arrive in full force, including a SWAT team. It sounds like a pastime that's both immature and a moronic waste of energy, so it only makes sense that it happened to Ashton Kutcher yesterday.

As the story goes, the LAPD arrived at Kutcher's Hollywood Hills home on Wednesday morning, having responded to a report of shots fired and a potential hostage situation. That's when a trucker-hat-clad Kutcher leaped out of the bushes, and shouted, "You just got punk'd!"

Okay, not really. But the whole thing sounds about as funny as his obnoxious show used to be.


Apparently whoever called the cops said there had been a shooting inside Kutcher's home, and that someone was down. Police say the message appeared to come from a woman who was hiding inside the house, so they arrived on the scene prepared to deal with a sketchy hostage situation, in addition to a rogue shooter. After questioning everyone in the house, the cops eventually figured out that it was a hoax -- and as you can imagine, they were pretty ticked off.

According to one officer,

Officers put their lives on the line every day and every time they get a call, you know, they're thinking, not just of the people's safety around them, but of going home to their families.

Right? Whoever did this is a giant asshole. Faking people into thinking there's a real emergency happening is such a dick move ... wouldn't you say, ASHTON?

I mean, he should know, since he's actually been sued by some righteously pissed prank victims. Back in 2002, before MTV retooled the Punk'd concept to focus on celebrities, the show was called Harassment, and an elaborate practical joke involving a fake blood-soaked dead body at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas backfired in a major way when the targeted couple sued Kutcher, MTV and the hotel for $10 million -- citing invasion of privacy, infliction of emotional distress, and fraud.

Maybe it was one of Kutcher's old prankees that "swatted" him, who knows. At any rate, it's a shitty joke since it wastes police resources (and presumably freaked out Kutcher's staff of scantily-clad personal assistants who hang out at his house all day long), but you can't say he didn't have it coming.

As for Kutcher's well-being, never fear! He's alive and well and fully capable of pimping his craptastic sitcom. As he tweeted later in the day,

Safe and sound at 'Two and a Half Men,' don't miss tomorrow night 8:30.

UGH. Next time, pranksters, can you actually kidnap the guy?

Do you think Ashton Kutcher deserves some pranking retribution?

Image via MTV

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