Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson’s 'Romantic' Dinner Means All Is Forgiven -- For Now!

Did you wake up this morning with the sun shining, the birds singing, and an indescribably giddy feeling that all was well in this crazy world? Almost like there was some kind of cosmic reboot? Well, I did. And now I know why. It's because Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart had a romantic dinner together!!!! Ahhh, young love. Young love after someone got caught cheating, had the pictures splashed all over the media, had a breakup, a moving out, continual wearing of the ex's clothes, secret meetings, therapy sessions, a "sex-pact," demands for passwords, and a reunion. There's simply nothing like young love! An "eyewitness" saw Robsten at trendy Soho House in L.A. getting their gooey eyes on. And since this sighting was reportedly backed up by a couple of other people at the restaurant, who knows, it might be factual.


I know I've written some neggy Nellie type of stuff about Rob and KStew -- like how Rob demanding that Kristen marry him, and demanding that she hand over her passwords was just going to lead to more heartbreak down the road. But I'm OVER it, folks. If Rob can move on, so can I.

The nosy fellow diner told the pair were smiling (Kristen too?!) and holding hands. He or she also said:

It was like old times. They were with a few other friends, two guys and another girl. They sat in the restaurant ... which is decorated with really beautiful lights everywhere. It's really romantic.

The person who couldn't keep their eyes on their own business also added that the duo seemed "really comfortable" with each other, almost like none of that stuff (what stuff?! whatchu talkin' 'bout?!) ever happened.

And I guess Rob has forgiven her for supposedly continuing to text Rupert Sanders. Since he has her passwords, I imagine he can check her messages any time? Maybe she was texting something like, "Buzz off, old man." I don't know, but I get the feeling Rob will be doing more forgiving in this relationship before it's over.

Wait, that was the old cynical me. The new lovey-dovey me says all is forgiven and these two will now live happily ever after. I mean, at least through the Breaking Dawn Part 2 media tour.

Do you finally believe they're back together? For good?


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