If Rihanna & Chris Brown Get Back Together, It's Going to Come at a Cost

rihanna chris brownHate to break it to everyone, but these Chris Brown-Rihanna reconciliation rumors are sounding more like fact than fiction every day. First, there was the story of the pair having some sort of sexy dance-off, followed by a spot of bathroom making out, and now there are reports -- and a very blurry photo -- of Breezy and RiRi attending a Jay-Z concert yesterday (where they held hands!).

Personally, I don't think Rihanna and Chris Brown ought to get back together because of, you know, the whole "beating incident." But it looks like Ri is going to do what she wants regardless of what anyone thinks or says.

But she should know, this reconciliation isn't going to come without a cost.


I'm not going to get into why exactly Rihanna shouldn't get back together with Chris here, as I just said it above, and I think it's pretty clear why she shouldn't. This "cost" I speak of is how a relationship with Chris Brown -- a person most people, including her friends, probably hate -- is going to be exhausting for her.

Any time Rihanna steps out with Chris, there's going to be comments and controversy -- from both the media and from people she personally knows. Whenever she has any kind of bump or bruise, people are going to question it, wonder where she got it. And when she says where it's from, people will question that, too. This relationship is doomed to fail before it even starts. It's a recipe for disaster.

Rihanna definitely seems like the kind of person who not only throws caution to the wind, but who really, truly doesn't give an eff what others think of her (have you ever read her Twitter?). So, maybe everyone's scrutiny of their relationship won't bother her.

But she shouldn't think it isn't coming.

Do you think Rihanna should get back together with Chris Brown?

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