10 Fangtastically Funny 'True Blood' Quotes (Because Waiting for Season 6 Sucks)

pam and taraThere are so many, many reasons to love True Blood (and so many reasons to go into mourning until the premiere of Season 6, which is waaaay far away). So many distinctly True Blood-ian things (Alexander Skarsgard, ahem!) to miss -- most especially the consistently hilarious, spot-on one-liners (nice job, True Blood writers!). And while every character on the show gets his or her fair share of snappy dialogue, there's no denying the lion's share of share-worthy quotes come from Pam and Lafayette. I miss those crazy b*tches!!

You miss them, too? Remember the good times! Read our 10 Fangtastically Funny True Blood Season 5 Quotes and you'll be wiping those bloody tears away in no time ...


Image via HBO

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