Delusional Teresa Giudice Claims She’s Above Gossiping & Then Goes On to Gossip Like Crazy

teresa reuninoFirst of all, let me just say that there is no way in hell Teresa Giudice writes her own blogs for Not a chance in goddamn Hades is that woman writing one word of these entries, but, I suppose for the sake of this post, we'll assume that she does, even though we know she doesn't. OK, so, Real Housewives of New Jersey star "Teresa" sat down at her computer after the reunion and decided to clear a few things up for us, the misinterpreting viewer.

Teresa wrote it was hard for her to sit through the reunion because she was getting viciously attacked, and, wait for it, that it was extra hard because she didn't want to attack back.

Oh. My. Gah.


Here's the excerpt:

It was a struggle because they attack me so viciously and yet they have their own skeletons, their own public scandals and newspaper articles and financial problems that don’t get discussed on the show, because I won’t discuss them. They do it to me, but I won’t do it back. I’m not proud of everything I said at the reunion, but I am proud of the things I DIDN’T say. As they were yelling at me, I kept reminding myself not to say this or that about their private lives, I kept thinking about Dina and her and Caroline’s mom, Nettie, and family stuff I did not want them to hear me say.

There you have it, folks, Teresa won't discuss other people's problems on the show.

Nope, she doesn't talk about Melissa's "stripper" past at all, doesn't talk about Caroline's sons professional choices, certainly doesn't talk about Melissa's singing career, has never said anything about Jacqueline's family, totally kept her mouth shut when it came to Danielle's "prostitution whore"-ing, and most definitely has never hinted that her cousin is out to get her.

Nope, not Teresa, she's never once talked about anyone else's personal life on camera.

As if that wasn't enough, Teresa actually says in the blog that there's some big drama going on with Caroline and Dina's mom, Nettie!

I can't. I wish someone would hand me on of those Xanax they had while filming the reunion. I need to calm down.

Teresa is insane. The end.

Can you believe what she wrote??


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