Kim Kardashian’s Latest Sweaty Beach Look Is Totally Ridiculous (PHOTO)

Kim Kardashian wearing glassesKardashian stalker alert. Tell the authorities, Kim was seen working out with Kourtney and her gal pal Real Housewives star Larsa Pippen wearing GLASSES. Yes, the accessory otherwise known as spectacles, formerly known as bifocals, always identified as slightly nerdy with a twist of sex appeal.

It's not that I don't think that Kim looks good in the glasses. Hell yeah she does. They're excellent for her face shape. Besides, Kim could look good in pretty much anything (except a blue pencil skirt, it seems).

Except there's one little issue here. These glasses are TOTAL fakes. So why on EARTH is Kimmy wearing them to work out?


OK, so I have no confirmation that these are 100 percent fakes. Except, well, we all watch Kim on Keeping Up and she's never rockin' spectacles. And apparently, the self-proclaimed perfumista was taking them on and off during her sweat sesh. So right, if you NEED them to see, then you wouldn't be taking them off, right?

Sigh. Let's go through a few scenarios where it is and isn't a super idea to wear fake specs, shall we?

Do: Wear them when you're feeling super "trendy" and wanna go grab a latte at Starbucks or some local coffee watering hole.

Don't: Wear them on a rock climbing adventure.

Do: Wear them in the morning after a less-than-adequate night's sleep. Helps hide the bags under your eyes.

Don't: Wear them running, especially in the rain. Nothing says sexy like drizzle-spotted specs, right?

Comprende, Kardashian?

What do you think of Kim's glasses? Would you wear them to work out?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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