1,000 Philippine Prisoners Dancing ‘Gangnam Style’ Was Just Inevitable at This Point (VIDEO)

Philippine prison gangnam styleHeyyyyyyyy, sexy ladies (and dudes)! Are you sick of Psy and "Gangnam Style" yet? I fervently hope not, since the song doesn't appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. Not only has it inspired countless remakes and other YouTube hits, it seems like it's pretty much taken over the entire freakin' world. So of course I feel like it's my duty to introduce you to the latest and greatest: At least 1,000 prisoners at the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center in the Philippines dance to the song, racking up over a million hits in just four days.

Yeah, it's as awesome as it sounds. If you'll remember, a thousand inmates from this very same prison also danced to Michael Jackson's "Thriller," and that remake alone garnered over 50 million hits. What is it about convicted felons and criminals breaking out into synchronized choreography to overplayed pop hits? We may never know ...


Enough with the chatter and words and stuff. Here is the prisoners' take on "Gangnam Style":

Pretty impressive, right? And how about the fact it looks like it's pouring rain while they're doing it? I'm sure after days, months, years of idleness and monotony, being part of an international YouTube sensation and pretending to bounce around on an invisible horse during a lively dance routine with your buddies would be quite a welcome release from everyday prison life. I'm actually kind of jealous of how much fun they seem to be having. Hmmm, you know, maybe I should head on over to the Philippines and ...

Er, anyway, in case you missed it, and shame on you if you did, here is the CPDRC inmates' take on "Thriller":

Fifty million views and counting! Kudos to everyone involved in making both of these videos. Not entirely sure how else I'd be able to waste my day without them!

Do these videos inspire you to go to prison? I mean, what do you think of these inmates dancing to pop hits?


Image via Ryan Christopher/YouTube

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