Rihanna's Reportedly Steamy Reconciliation With Chris Brown Spells Trouble

rihannaWhat was Rihanna doing dancing with Chris Brown at a club Monday night? Are those two back together again? Dear god, please no. And what's this about RiRi and Chris retiring together to the restroom and RiRi coming back looking "a little ruffled," according to at least one witness? Tell me that was not bathroom sex. Someone please tell me they did not just have make-up sex in the water closet!

Okay, I'll back up. So we saw Rihanna and Chris Brown kiss at the 2012 VMAs. I figured that was just Rihanna's no-personal-boundaries way of telling Chris it's all water under the bridge. But it looks like they've crossed over from reconciliation to full-on hooking up again. Rihanna, forgiving your ex does not have to involve making out with him on the dance floor!


That's what sources are saying they witnessed Monday night. Chris arrived at the club first and sat down at one table. Then Rihanna arrived a few minutes later and settled into her own table. Chris pulled up his shirt and shimmied at her (his mating call?), and then RiRi responded with some of that dancing that kind of looks more like making out.

Now there's video of Chris leaving Rihanna's hotel and then picking up his girlfriend Karrueche Tran on his way back to his own hotel. SMH.

Even if the bathroom sex story is false, there was a whole club to witness Rihanna and Chris' make-up/make-out disco. I'm not sure how understanding Karrueche is going to be about all of this (cough dog house cough), but who cares about his love life. What about Rihanna? The woman who takes back a man who tattoos an image of her beaten face on his neck (oh FINE, he denies it's her, whatever!) is not a woman who loves herself.

Oh Rihanna, why are you hell-bent on self-destruction? Do you feel like you don't deserve your success? Is that it? Or is it the thrill of danger? Whatever it is, this Chris Brown reconciliation looks like trouble ahead.

Do you think Rihanna and Chris Brown are getting back together or just having a little fun for one night?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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