Kate Middleton's Body Insecurity Has Us Loving Her Even More

kate middleton

Here's an interesting tidbit of info that just might make your day: Kate Middleton has body issues. Yes, that Kate Middleton. The Kate Middleton who is 10 feet tall, has 0 percent body fat, legs for dayz, and is married to a freakin' prince.

Word is, there is a small silver lining to the naked photo scandal for the Duchess. Apparently, the Internet is ablaze with comments on how bangin' the future queen's bod is, and, well, like any woman with a pulse, Kate's pleased with the flattery. Because before this mess, the only thing she could focus on were those cottage cheese thighs.


I'm kidding, obviously. Kate Middleton's thighs have nothing in common with cottage cheese, save for the fact that they're both milky-white. Wait-what? Anyway! Here's what an insider had to say:

"Kate has always been insecure about her body. While she wasn’t amused that the world’s media published photos of her topless and naked, she has been given something of a boost from the whole scandal. Kate has seen some of the positive comments about her body on the Internet. It’s made her feel much more positive. But she’ll be more careful in the future."

Now, I'm not one to typically believe exactly what "insiders" have to say, but I am a big believer in the ol' "where there's smoke, there's fire" adage. And although Kate Middleton is an incredibly beautiful woman with a model-like body, I think it's perfectly plausible that she does have body issues. Because she's human.

I think most of us non-famous folk look at celebrities with envy. They always seem to be in fantastic shape; their skin is flawless; and their hair shinier than a quarter that's been through the wash. We forget that, in some cases, they are "just like us." They, too, have insecurities about their appearances -- maybe even more so, because they're scrutinized on a daily basis.

If this story is true, it makes me like Kate Middleton a little more than I already do. It makes her, well, human. But honestly? I'm not so sure that it is. I mean, the royals reading the Internet? Come on.

Do you think Kate Middleton has body insecurities?

Image via Tom Soper Photography/Flickr

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