Angelina Jolie’s Maid of Honor Choice Boldly Breaks Tradition

angelina jolieHear ye, hear ye, the Globe is reporting that Angelina Jolie has selected who she wants as her maid of honor when she marries Brad Pitt in a wedding that is happening supposedly and eventually. Angie's allegedly selected her brother James Haven, whom you may remember as the sibling she made out with during the 2000 Oscars, for the esteemed role. I guess all her other friends were busy (because she has some, right?) and that her daughter Shiloh turned her down, since Angie's going with James.

That, or Angelina is all about giving the middle finger to tradition and will just do what she pleases since it is, in fact, her wedding day. I kind of dig that mentality.


I don't know who came up with these wedding traditions so many of us adhere to, but if someone came to today and said, Listen, we know it's this one day in your life where you get to celebrate your love in front of family and friends, but yeah, I'm going to need you to wear a white dress, I'm gonna need some friends standing next to you in pastel, we're gonna have to have some cake, and by god, there will be flowers.

You'd punch that person in the kidney and tell them to eff off, that this is your party, right? I guess because these are customs, people hold them in some sort of esteem, but hell, I think you gotta do you on your wedding day. Wear a black dress if you want, serve breakfast for dinner, hell, even ask people to BYOB if you have to -- whatever makes you and your groom happy.

I like that Angie's allegedly chosen her brother as her maid of honor because not only does it go against the norm (which I'm clearly a fan of), but it also makes her happy and honors her sibling relationship.

Granted, it's an unusual sibling relationship, but still -- whatever Angie wants, Angie should get. You only marry Brad Pitt once, it's best to make it as special as possible.

Did you break any traditions on your wedding day?


Photo via Martin Pettitte/Flickr

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