‘Lone Ranger’ Sneak Peek: Johnny Depp Is Mighty Fine & the Movie Looks Nice Too (PHOTOS)

the lone ranger

Fact: I would pay $12 to sit in a theatre and watch just about any movie starring Johnny Depp, even if all he did was sort his sock drawer for two hours. So of course I'm gonna be there when The Lone Ranger opens next summer (finally!). And guess what? You should totally be there too, even if you don't watch Johnny Depp's every move like a hawk, because from the looks of these just-released stills, this movie is gonna be worth every penny of that reportedly overblown budget! We're talking: Epic. Summer. Blockbuster. Majestic scenery! Billions of extras! Horses! (Lots of 'em!) Also, I don't know if I mentioned this or not, but Johnny Depp is in this movie.

He's in most of these pics, too! Check 'em out ...

Images via Disney