Pippa Distracts From Kate's Naked Photo Scandal With Sexy Schoolgirl Look

pippa middletonLooks like Pippa Middleton picked up a few fashion tips when in New York a few weeks ago -- look at this chic outfit Kate's younger sister is wearing. Love! It's definitely a different look for the Duchess' sibling. Typically, we see her in dresses, and less "outfit-y" clothes, but I think this one's a keeper. And it really separates her from her sister. If, you know, she's into that kind of thing.


Pippa and Kate tend to have a similar style, as lots of sisters do. Both gravitate towards simplicity, clean lines, and just-above-the-knee dresses. They'll throw some wild cards in there once in a while, but it's rare that we see them deviate from their signature style. This is definitely a deviation -- a deviation that really works.

Pippa still looks like herself in this outfit, but there's something, I don't know, a little more "grown-up" and sophisticated about it. She looks so confident in it, and full disclosure, I'm not one to think the white collared shirt under a sweater works for everyone (it certainly doesn't for me!).

The only thing I'd change about this outfit -- you know, if I were Pip's stylist -- would be the leg on the pants. I love me a super skinny pant. I feel like it would have made the outfit look just a wee bit more youthful and it would have given it a bit of that cool London edge. Other than that? Gorg!

Do you like Pippa's outfit?

Image via Splash

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