Aviva Drescher Is Full of 'Inner Rage' ... Just Like Ramona Singer Says

aviva drescherI made the mistake of watching The Real Housewives of New York finale after watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion. I mean, anything after that insane hour was going to seem boring and inconsequential by comparison. Shoot, I could've watched the US invade Britain and I still wouldn't have thought it was as dramatic or culturally significant as the Jersey reunion. Needless to say, the RHONY episode came across totally lame -- how could we stay interested in some stupid toaster oven photos and some skeezy 80-year-old man when there were real, life-ruining problems in New Jersey?

We couldn't. And that's why Ramona Singer told Us Weekly that she thinks Aviva Drescher is "unhappy in her life" and "full of inner rage." Touche, Ramona -- now, she has my attention.


This is the first time in my life that I've ever agreed with Ramona, who is a complete narcissist (so happy Heather called that out!) and thinks the entire world revolves around her. Just when I thought there wasn't anyone on earth who could be more vainglorious and egomaniacal, Aviva came on the scene. She was like a dog with a bone on Slutty Island, and then, when they returned, she was sick of gnawing on that skeleton and went straight for the jugular, demanding apologies with her holier than thou attitude. When she didn't wear the jacket at the fashion show, I was like, of course.

What the hell is Aviva's problem? And don't get me started on her dad -- that guy went into Ramona's 900th floor charity event teeth and guns a blazin'. Ramona was gracious and said thank you and politely hinted that she wanted him out of her all-female event, and he didn't leave. I can't believe I am defending Ramona, but next to Aviva, she looks like a saint.

There are only two options, here. One, Ramona's right and Aviva really is unhappy at home and full of rage (because who would act like she does if she wasn't), or two, Aviva is acting like a real asshole and drama queen just so she can ensure that she's invited back to be on the show next season.

Either scenario is not good. I mean, once you start making Ramona look awesome, you've got problems.

Do you think Aviva has inner rage problems?


Photo via bravotv.com

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