Katy Perry Throws Herself a 'Divorce Party' & Becomes Every Jilted Wife's Girl Crush (VIDEO)

katy perry in concertKaty Perry may or may not be moving on from her busted marriage with notorious playa John Mayer, and ex-hubs Russell Brand may have seemingly moved on with at least a couple of attractive women since the split, but apparently, both still have some rough, raw emotions. I'm guessing that's the case for Russell, since he was recently raving out about "compatibility." And I'm puuurty sure it's probably true for Katy, as well, if there's even a smidge of truth to the buzz that she's absolutely dreading October 23, aka what would have been their second wedding anniversary.

Apparently, according to The Sun (so, you know, take it with a grain of salt), she wants to get through it by "turning it into something positive" and throwing herself a "divorce party." Not exactly a novel concept, but certainly a unique, commendable one!


Especially because Katy's birthday is just two days later, and who wants to be depressed and miserable in the days leading up to what's supposed to be your most fun day of the year? (Guess that's something to consider when choosing a date near your b-day to get hitched, huh?) So, instead, Katy will apparently be throwing a small gathering at her home to do "what she loves with her favorite people." Cute (and so not an attempt to spite Russell, as some gossip mags are bound to say!).

I'm all for it. After all, I'm sure a certain degree of solitude is necessary to cope with the pain of a divorce, but after a while, you probably just want to be surrounded by loved ones and feel supported and, well, distracted. Sounds like that's her goal, and in that case, good for her! Definitely seems like the healthiest way to deal with the split -- especially at this point. You know, as long as John Mayer isn't planning on being there and breaking her heart all over again!

How do you feel about the concept of a "divorce party"?


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