Justin Bieber’s Stage Barf Inspires 10 Awesomely Funny Jokes

bieber tweetYou would think suddenly puking in front of 20,000 screaming fans would earn you a little sympathy. Sorry Justin Bieber -- no such luck.

To the delight of haters worldwide, the superstar hurled on a Glendale, Arizona stage right in the middle of his hit "Out of Town Girl." And let me tell ya, the Twitter quips were brutal ... and TOTALLY HILARIOUS.  Sorry Biebs!

Take a look at the 10 best barbs thrown Bieber's way!


The Funny Sexist™@TheFunnySexist: "Justin Bieber vomitted on stage twice during a concert. That settles it! She's pregnant."

Comedy Central@ComedyCentral: ".@JustinBieber puked on stage Saturday. Witnesses said it looked exactly like @JTimberlake's barf only watered down."

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