Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner Confirmed for 'Twilight' World Tour

breaking dawn part 2Whether the whole Kristen Stewart affair was a hoax or the real thing or sexy or sexless or a publicity stunt, the one thing that I never did get was why anybody thought splitting up the vampire lovers in real life right before their on-screen happily ever after (and after, and after) would go over well with Twilight fans. Sure, there's no such thing as bad press and yada yada yada, but why rile up the very emotionally compromised young audience members any more than they're already bound to be? Mass hysteria, I tell you!

So I kind of have to wonder how those hordes of hormonal Twi-hards will react when the Breaking Dawn: Part 2 Worldwide Promo Tour kicks off on October 6. Because -- get ready for this -- apparently the rumors were true: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will indeed be on the road together (along with Taylor Lautner and "additional cast members," blah blah blah). Dear god, do you think they'll burn KStew at the stake?!


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Wait, what am I saying?! Of course, security forces are anticipating the potential for this type of violence and the cast of Breaking Dawn will be under heavy, heavy guard. BUT maybe it won't even be necessary!

Maybe there won't be anti-Kristen riots at every stop. Because, well, think of it this way: Fans who've taken this entire sordid tale at face value -- fans who truly believe the recently on-the-rocks couple is trying to reconcile -- well, if they really care about their screen idols, they should be thankful that Pattinson and Stewart's dedication to their fans outweighs the discomfort of publicly patching their relationship back together.

Or maybe they'll just throw tomatoes at Kristen Stewart's head. I don't really know. But I'll be watching!

How do you think fans will react to seeing Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson together in person?


Image via MTV/Summit

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