Justin Bieber’s Shirtless Photo Distracts Fans From the Fact That He VOMITED ON STAGE (VIDEO)

justin bieberHow do you make people forget that you're the guy who ralphed on stage in front of 20,000 fans? You tweet a photo of yourself shirtless, that's how. It's what our man Justin Bieber did -- after vomiting on stage at a Glendale, Arizona concert, Bieber got all cuddly-cozy in bed after the show and uploaded a shirtless selfy to distract fans from his splashy throw-up. His deflection likely worked -- I'm sure as soon as the girls got a glimpse of Justin's sinewy shoulder blades and glazed over eyes, they forgot all about his gross barf puddle on stage.


Bieber is one hell of a mastermind, isn't he. After blowing chunks in front of the whole world, he uses nipples and a pout to garner sympathy yet, at the same time, change the conversation.

Because today we're not talking about Bieber barfing on stage, no. Today we're talking about Bieber tweeting a shirtless photo of himself after he vomited on stage.


I'm sure there are no dearth of fans ready to climb in bed next to Bieber to wipe the sweat off his brow and feed him ginger ale and Saltines, regardless of his barf breath and the fact that he's highly contagious.

JB captioned his photo with: "Great show. Getting better for tomorrow’s show !!!! Love u." Justin loves us, you guys. He loves us and he's tweeting topless pics and he's in bed getting better. The poor kid might have disgorged in front of us, but that's simply old news now thanks to Bieber's Twitter addiction, his fans, and his bare chest.

Check it out:


Photo via JustinBieber/Twitter

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